Speaker Man Speaketh

lyrics :Bercowetz/Bua
music :David Fox

Speaker man speaketh
Let your fat waves reacheth
 The shores of the land once called J and R

Bass Shaker Faker,
Not really Ass Breakers,
Cause the Decibel setting is way too low

Walking around Deserted Suburbia Town
Having to scope out all the perverted throw away  speaker crowns

Magnetism attracts a fission
Attaches themselves to the base
Rise up gather round
Speaker man has too many mouths,
They get juiced up
And rumble the burnt  ground

Re-gerr-jah-tate-ting a few lines of hissing tape recordings
the history of man
Seconds before the rocked out painless end

Tons of tape-
anti wake and bake
I say…” did you just feel the earth shake?”

Here we go again,A lifes work of perfect Picasso fakes-
Down the drain

Hot air Balloons,
Memory Man runs his lightning quick lifetime
spills out his final croons

Croon Away!

Speaker man now a billion feet high begins to sway,
It’s lonely at the top,
Down with them all
I could barely hear it anyway
It’s lonely at the top,
Party down below

Speaker man speaketh
The new listeners barely even teething
They’re all ears,
their bodies barely breathing,

teetering teething breakdown
techno- Scorcher  coming soon to your town,
It’s only Races burning
 Blasted Ears pouring,
Don’t let it get you down
It’s only races burning

Speaker man speaketh
Race eraser peaking
Speaker man speaketh
That’s right everyone
…just keep plugging away