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All In (The Family) -
Primordial For Breakfast, Primeval For Lunch, Prime Rib For Dinner -
Programming The Prime Time, Supper, Brunch, Dessert And The Missing Link
Privatizing The Primates And Owning The Heavens -
Not Excluding Hor'deurves.

Bercowetz / Bua    2005

Scare Crow Curated by David Hunt

Postmasters Gallery, NYC

Drip Man is a character that we designed to express a personal and global desire for discovery as it relates to traditional and obscure theories of living organisms and their development on earth culminating with human regression and the apocalyptic demise of mankind.   He at once morphs from a primordial stew ascending through hierarchal states reaching toward transcendence- the heavens - then returning to a fleshy flayed decomposing corpse puddle. To his left is a book that attempts tracing the origins of man: may it be the hairy arm pit of a yeti, alien scientists, intelligent design, Darwinism, big bang or a coke bottle. It seems no theory is complete all require personal faith. His ass sports a video that represents ways in which these different views have been manipulated and implemented for purposes of segregation, mind control and hate. Connections are made to subjects such as: scientology, Hitler, eugenics, the Manson family, Rosemary's baby, Satanism and the religious right, to name a few. Drip man is a chameleon, surfing the shadows of fear, terror, global manipulation and the cyclical potential of mankind and his flexible histories.

A tribute to Drip Man- the beginning and the end was requested from the song poet David Fox and plays from a obelisk whose structure is lifted from ancient architecture thought to emanate mystical power.

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