Immediate Release:                                                  Contact: Under Island

Island of the insane exposes unknown animal!

Crew of three discover the secret of Roosevelt Island,

a Utopian city built on a living, breathing mass of land.

Roosevelt Island, NYC.

Sightings of otherworldly beings are not uncommon in New York City's   East River.

Foggy images appear regularly in aerial photographs of the region but substantiated evidence has yet to be found.

October 5 th we spoke with crew member, Carrie Dashow who says "the sonar readings are straight up and down!"   as she reads from an antiquated tremor transfer device. She is crouched down between the stove and dinette table, covered with piles of historical documents, in her 1976 dodge camper van affectionately referred to as "USM" (Unseen Machine).

Spilling out of the van a knotted mass of wires and cords leads us to Dashow's colleagues, Jesse Bercowetz and Matt Bua , as they work from a makeshift raft, dredging the river bed for clues.

The adventurous threesome met while working on the island. Dashow, a self-proclaimed intellectual explorer is investigating the islands extrasensory influences as well as turbulent history.   Bercowetz and Bua, surveyors of the underworld, have excavated bits and pieces of living matter, unidentifiable sludge as well as things residents of the island have discovered missing.

After months of patient watching and persistent digging they find themselves knee deep in the age-old mystery of the island. Although skepticism builds a tumbling case against their findings, nothing will stop these enthusiastic adventurers as they dare to prove that the creature does exist - even if their latest proof leads them head first into the unknown without a paddle.

Come see the findings of Under Island on exhibit as part of Romantic Detachment at PS1/MoMA . Oct 16th - Nov 7th 2004

Under Island slide show presentations and performances :    2 shows only!!

On Roosevelt Island at Blackwell house

Thursday, October 21st   7pm

Raindate- Friday, October 22st   7pm

And at

PS1 / MoMA (courtyard)

Saturday, October 23rd 5 pm

For more details :

Why is Roosevelt Island not on the maps of the city? Why is there so little information on the Island’s Strange and rich past?
Discover as we share evidence of the living beast we are now sitting on wakes up!

Narrated by Sxip Shirey
Co Starring Roosevelt Island’s very own;
From Island House - Tyler Cannon
From Eastview - Stefan Iliescu
And from River Cross - James Barniker

Directed by Carrie Dashow
Co-written by Carrie and Sxip

UNDER ISLAND  - The Slide Show

Special historical consultant; Judy Berdy of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society.