Little Men With Gun In Hen on thumbnail

Little Men With Gun In Hen
Bercowetz/ Bua 2005

Alona Kagan Gallery, NYC
Curated by David Hunt

The idea for this piece came from a pun on the song "Little Man with Gun in Hand" by the The MinuteMen, a band that came out of the early 80's California punk scene. The pun became a drawing and we made a sculpture from that. We were thinking about gun control, collecting, selling and stockpiling. We also were interested in the tradition of figurative sculpture, pedestals and lamps. The hen is a lamp that's structure comes from the same style that Noguchi used and later Ikea and Crate and Barrel (wire and paper).  For a moment we considered Brancusi his relation ship to the pedestal and the famous "Bird in space". The back of the pedestal has a small model of the branch Dividians compound in Waco, TX. Destroyed, along with the inhabitants, by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms(ATF)and FBI. Which brings us back to the issue of guns, self-empowerment and power structures. The live scorpion in the figures head is an African Scorpionid. It looks fierce and has the reputation of being deadly but actually it only stings in self-defense and rumor has it that they commit suicide if faced with certain death. One example is if you place a scorpion in a ring of fire, blow it out seconds before the flames reach the creature you will find he has pierced his own back with his poisonous stinger.

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