Buggy Eyes

lyrics :Bercowetz/Bua
music :David Fox

Buggy eyes don't tell buggy lies
No, Buggy eyes don't tell buggy lies

Some time after the last,
I unfolded a tale which lingered around these parts alittle too long
It curled around with the weight of a Sun,
my lite hearted son, the chocolate covered ant

The little fellow got walked on too many times,
his fortune teller got tired of reading his signs
reading and reading and reading my friend
finally said â?boy it's a time

Buggy eyes can't tell   no buggy lies

And the tale went on- and the tale grew,
the tale got bigger and the heads all swelled,

And who would of quessed when we got wheeled through the night ,
A bunch of blotted shrinks would've shriveled at the sight

300 pounds to one,
the once mighty pile of a humans aint so cumbersome
buggies pick their teeth, rub their pod
after a good nibble in the mid-day sun

Buggy eyes don't tell buggy lies,
just staring at all those scrawny thighs,
climbing aboard wishing there was a touch more meat.
can?t even hear the faint human alibies
And when they wish apun a star,
not a care for their host ,
it's them that's the most,
the most by far

 Silk worm. Silk worm, fit me with a suit,
Feel me up, trim me down
Never knew it was you little one,
it was always you that ran this town

Buggy eyes don?t tell buggy lies
No, Buggy eyes Can't tell no buggy lies
Buggy eyes don't tell buggy lies
Don't need any ali-byes