Going Down Below

lyrics :Bercowetz/Bua
music :David Fox

If you go that far down below
Where nare a sparrow or pigeon will sing
If you go that far under the ground
You'll get a glimpse of the light that whispers in from out of bounds

The 3rd tunnel , below the second ,
Blows strong waters, and funnels strong minds
To taste it would be a flavor
Reminds you of that thing you told yourself not to believe.

(Melancholy celestial organ break)

All the words that get murmured about it
Sound like the rumbles inside the earth
You head towards the lighthouse like always
This time you move through it and the beam from it, moves around you

The land that has grown so    impatient
Has to move itself out into open sea
Where and when it does will be nearing the   end
The end of a body whose people upon it must cut it loose and set it free

(Melancholy celestial organ break)

Quixiote stands looming over the mass
The ones peeking under have blinked
The officials approach but not with their usual gleam
With a wave of the hand, the slate has been finally been wiped clean

(Melancholy celestial organ break)