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Song: Buggy Eyes
Song: Going Down Below
Song: Another Version of Morning Dew *
Song: Bug Music

Lyrics for: Buggy Eyes
Lyrics for: Going Down Below

lyrics by:Bercowetz/Bua
music: David Fox

* lyrics & music by : Dashow/Bua

Pent - Up and Under Gone   Bercowetz / Bua / Carrie Dashow    2005

Jessica Murray Projects NYC

       Upon entering the gallery, the viewer encounters a subdued glow, steam rises from mounds of earth, and the wreckage of a fallen lighthouse levitates above the floor. Looking into the crevices of the fallen edifice, one discerns an infestation of cockroaches and worms. Pressing on, the spectator encounters a visual labyrinth of tunnels, caves, and the demise of industry. These images appear on five monitors, randomly activated as the spectator moves about the space. Set on robot-like steel structures, these monitors appear as the heads of mechanical arachnids. On the wall, looming between these structures, gleams the mesmerizing projection of a marbleized eye. All the while, sounds from insects mix with early American a cappella style songs which whisper "crows descend, the city looking... this empire toppled some time around now".


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