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Song: We Surf The Post
Song: Post Post Post

Lyrics for: We Surf The Post
Lyrics for: Post Post Post

lyrics by:Bercowetz/Bua
music: David Fox

Post- Post        

Wood, metal, plastic, polystyrene, acrylic, pencil, ink, paper, water pumps, plants, fog, light sound, electronics, q-tips, hot glue, CD cases, knives, foam core, glass, photos, crickets, plexiglas, phone, answering machine…

Bercowetz / Bua   2006

Derek Eller Gallery, NYC


The Post apocalyptic figure – the last man crawling - reaches into the post while his other hand is lacerated by a nearby mailbox flag. Its possible he was a victim of anthrax traced to pentagon labs or a suspicious almanac carrier who was tied too long to the whipping post.

Post 911 brings up a lot of unanswered questions and there are people out there trying to get to the bottom of it as you may see in Daniel Hopsicker's candid video interview with Mohammad Atta's girl friend, or footage of the fall of WTC 7 in which the leaseholder explains that the fire department had to “ pull it”.

Stockhausen’s reference to the 911 attacks - an amazing work of art- comes to mind.
Not only does it suggest a conspiracy of the level of the moon landing, Kennedy assassination or Pearl Harbor, but also it makes the point that a minimalist power structure set in a postmodern scenario can quickly morph into an abstract pile of rubble. Baudrillard calls the twin towers a sarcoughagus of concrete and steel – both pre 911 and post.

On the other hand Tesla’s wireless power transmission tower, which attempted to leave the grid system to provide the world with potentially free electricity, was quickly burned to the ground after his death.

The DVD cases list Hollywood films that deal with a breach in national security and a dire need to defend against these acts - a memorial to the reality of this reoccurring theme.

The invention of the machine gun inspires the invention of the movie camera- cinema and reality mirror each other, as did the parallel punch cards that graced NYC’s skyline.

What ever happened to the 5000 biological test monkeys at Tulane University during Katrina?

 With ball this -still cats want to chase birds and mice.

In a post human world will there be insects and will they even care?

from your cell phone you can Post your thought s on the answering machine with in the post.

POST IT!  Post everything...


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