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Jesse Bercowetz / Matt Bua

Ships, Chips, and a Stack of Documents

The Mattress Factory Museum, Pittsburgh, PA 2006

In October 1943, the U.S. Navy secretly accomplished the teleportation of a warship from Philadelphia to a dock near Norfolk by successfully applying Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. The experiment also caused the crew and officers of the ship to become invisible, during which time they were sent to a time-space warp into another dimension. The majority of the crew continued to experience devastating “ side effects ” the rest of their lives, becoming invisible and catching on fire.

-The Philadelphia Experiment … by Brad Steiger w/ Alfred Bielek and Sherry Hanson Steiger

While the objective was to simply make the ship undetectable by radar, it had a totally unexpected and drastic side effect. It made the ship invisible to the naked eye and removed it from the time–space continuum…. The project was a success from a material standpoint, but it was a drastic catastrophe to the people involved. While the USS Eldridge “ moved ” from the Philadelphia Naval Yard to Norfolk and back again, the crew found themselves in complete disorientation. They had left the physical universe and had no familiar surroundings to relate to. Upon their return to the Philadelphia Naval Yard, some were planted into the bulkheads of the ship itself. Those who survived were in a mental state of disorientation and absolute horror. The crew was subsequently discharged as “mentally unfit” after having spent considerable time in rehabilitation. The status of “ mentally unfit” made it very convenient for their stories to be discredited.

-The Montauk Project, Experiments in Time By Preston B. Nichols w/ Peter Moon

We revisit the story of the USS Eldridge, using it as a springboard to explore issues of disinformation, insanity, mind control, cover-ups and portals into other worlds. explore potential connections with individuals such as Einstein, Tesla, Crowley and groups such as: the Nazi party, the Bund, Neo conservatives, scientology, CIA, Project for the New American Century ( PNAC) .

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