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Song: Shooting Music #1*
Song: Shooting Music #2*
Song: Shoot the Shadow Gov Theme$

* music by Craig Flanagan
$ music by The Flying machine
(Emily Lambert: xtra vocals)

More Tan For The Shadow Man 
Commissioned by Scope       

Bercowetz / Bua  2006

The Jaundice Eye

Curated by David Hunt

Wood, metal, plastic, paper, vinyl, foam core, Styrofoam, plexi glass, hot glue, h2o pumps, co2, paint ball guns, actors, audio, video, lights, electronics, fabric, books, cds, rope…


He was already deeply involved in a very dangerous game when he decided to run his own private conspiracy-within-a-conspiracy; at this point, the waters of world events mercilessly closed over him, and all of those around him decided that he posed too much of a risk to be allowed to continue to live…

Shoot him before he spills his guts

A sculpture with an exterior and interior. The exterior features a collection of box cutters, cds labeled with countries that have had U.S military and CIA interventions, video monitors featuring of 911 controlled demolition theories and Daniel Hopsicker's interview with Mohammad Atta's American girlfriend and a library of conspiracy literature. A barker in a head dress beckons the you inside- takes you through a Kafkaesque scenario of red tape finally handing you a gun which you attempt to shoot the shadow agent who has come up from an underground bunker with a glitch in his chip and a conspiracy driven spin spewing from his moth.

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